Welcome to BEMILlionaire 101, the one-stop guide on how to play BeMil and how to make money fast using BeMil. So easy, even a toddler can do it. Of course, they shouldn’t. First, we will walk you through the introduction of Cores and Gears, step by step.
BeMil is the first mobile game to adapt the concept of blockchain technology to decrypt the digital asset, BeCoin. Similar to Ethereum and Bitcoin, only waaay better!
BeMil returns players’ “proof of work” with its own reward systems. Additionally, BeCoin will be rewarded to the first player that can successfully decrypted BeMil’s tricky code. What’s more, BeCoin can be easily transferred into money and other real value! That is by far the coolest thing about BeMil.
Without further ado my BeMillionaires, let's play BeMil and see a fortune within our hands!

Let’s Start with the Core

Fill Up Your Core with Gears

Getting Started with BeMil and the Basics

Before you begin playing BeMil, it’s good to familiarize yourself with the most basic aspect of the game, Cores. Through introducing Cores, you’ll get the general idea of how to make money on BeMil.

Cores and Gears are the fundamental components of BeMil. In fact, without these things you would be better off playing blind.

It’s actually pretty simple – Adding a Core to your space will allow you to start generating power. Power is used to decrypt BeCoins. Furthermore, the more power is added to your Core, the better chance you have of decrypting a BeCoin!

The blue lightning symbol on the side of your screen will display how much power your Core is currently outputting.

Next, let’s get into the main way to add power into your precious Core – Gears.
Here is a reference table for the types of Gears:

There are 2 types of Gears to understand: Elemental Gears and Legendary Gears. Also, every Gear has its own unique abilities that can seriously enhance your gameplay.

Here’s the trick: When Elemental Gears are arranged in a fixed order, they form what’s known as a “perfect chain”. With each perfect chain, your Core will gain an extra 5 power points.

Legendary Gears have “extreme” abilities which will greatly power up your Core.
For example, the Wind Gear is the only Legendary Gear currently available now. You can use this Gear to accelerate the decryption speed of your entire Core!

- Here’s the trick: When Elemental Gears are arranged in a fixed order, they form what’s known as a “perfect chain”. With each “perfect chain”, your Core will gain extra 5 power points

But fret not, BeMil has a lot of new Legendary Gears coming soon. This will add even more variety to the game and of course, bring everyone closer to earning loads of BeCoins!

Within BeMil, there are three main ways to get your hands on some Gears.
First, you can get Gears from breaking Crystals with your Crusher. Second, is through exchanging cards; 5 blue cards will give you one random Elemental Gear, while 5 red will reward you with a random Legendary Gear. Finally, you can also earn Gears from exchanging and purchasing through Free-market included in-game

You can attack other players to steal Gold if you get an "attack order" from the Spin Game. There are two styles to attack: you can use fire power to attack directly or use invisible magic to sneakily snatch over time.

- The Gold you collect can be used to upgrade your Crusher. The Crusher is your main source of Gold and can also give you BeCoin. Pretty cool, isn't it?
The Crusher can be upgraded to generate more Gold and even give you a higher chance to get a BeCoin.

Earning Gears

Additionally, players can also earn Gears through a variety activities and mini games organized by the BeMil fan pages on Facebook, Youtube, etc…
So you’ll need to stay tuned and aware!

Spin game and Crusher