This article will walk you through our simple signup process for Payoneer
Before starting, keep in mind that it’s important to complete all the fields accurately to ensure smooth account approval
Now, let’s get started

How to Sign Up

 * Follow this link to the guiding video made by Payoneer on Youtube for more detail:

Step 1

Fill in your name, email address, and date of birth.

Payoneer’ll use the email address that you enter to communicate with you,and,unless otherwise noted,that email will also be the username you’ll use to sign into Payoneer.

If you are the sole proprietor of a company,or are signing up on behalf of a company, choose Company and enter the relevant details.

Make sure that your name or company name is spelled exactly as it appears on your governmant-issued photo ID or your company’s veritification documents.

Click NEXT to continue.

Step 2

Enter your contact details

When enterring your address make sure not to use a post office box.

Also,make sure to provide a working mobile phone number,as this number may be used later to help you retrieve a forgotten password,or update other details.

Click NEXT to continue

Step 3

Create a password,and chooes a security question.

You may be asked to preovide the answer to this question to verify your account,approve specific account actions,or recover a lost password, so chooes a question whose answer you’ll be able to easily remember.

Enter your identity document information.

This help us verify your identity ,needed for a smooth payment process.

Im some cases you may be asked to provide your identity document information in the next step.

Click NEXT to continue.

Step 4

Enter payment method details.

The information you need to enter in this step will vary,depending on the payment method relevant to you.
Agree to the term,and submit your application.

Click SUBMIT and that’s it. Payoneer’ll review your application,which takes up to 3 business days.

Once approved, Payoneer’ll send you an email and you can start receiving payments.