Terms and Conditions (for the provision of services and digital content)

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By using the services or digital content you accept these terms

Anti money-laundering and terrorist financing

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Information about BeCoin:

BeCoin transaction

Regulatory Status


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Term and termination

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The service and digital content


  1. Exchanging and withdrawing BeCoins
  2. BeCoins exchange and withdrawal transactions are available in our service and digital content. Users can conduct transactions by
  3. Login your account to the exchange https://becoin.xyz/
  4. Transfer Becoins from the game to your wallet on the exchange
  5. Sell Becoins on the exchange
  6. Your Becoins will be put on the exchange market, when someone buys we will transfer money to your wallet on the exchange.
  7. When making a withdrawal, please note the following information:
  8. Provide correct account and wallet information.
  9. Withdrawal time depends on server conditions as well as binance service provider.
  10. Complaints, please contact the game's support directly to be able to resolve it for you as quickly as possible.